About us

Founded in 1982 in Strasbourg, France, Perinfo creates specialized software for:

  • the Passenger Transport sector
  • maintenance management for Public Authorities:

Perinfo provides its customers with personalized and responsive services through seamless, integrated solutions based on solid professional experience and covering a broad functional spectrum.


Gescar, a complete, high-performance solution to manage your activity with peace of mind!


With Gescar, Passenger Transport professionals get a complete management tool that covers all the needs of an Operations and Fleet Manager: Sales ManagementQuotesOrdersStaff and Vehicle ScheduleLabour Management, Management Indicators

Public Authority officials can monitor their various activities while continuously measuring the economic result: Fleet and Repairs Management, Construction Site and Road Maintenance Management, Purchasing and Inventory Management, Cost Accounting.

Perinfo puts particular emphasis on the quality of its products in order to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers. Our objective is to provide innovative and efficient software tailored to their sectors.