Gescar Regional has been available to coach operators since the creation of Perinfo over 35 years ago!

As the first software editor to design a graphical schedule, Perinfo continues to innovate by regularly including its customers’ requests with regard to fundamental elements and new technologies (Internet, e-mail, on-board IT, mapping, etc.).


Our vision: Anticipate your needs and provide effective solutions to manage your activities.


The corresponding modules and products are:

Sales Management: to manage sales: quotes, occasional and repeat orders, required official documents, occasional services scheduling

Operations Management: core of the planning system: segments, vehicle workings, driver rosters, operations schedule, worksheet, times and deadhead calculation scenarios using mapping

Financial Management: invoicing, regular contract invoicing, interface with other accounting software on the market

Labour Management: tachograph software and schedule integration, pre-payroll calculation, driver statements, interface with other payroll software on the market

Fleet Management: vehicle maintenance forecasting, incidents and accidents, integration of fuel consumption

Repairs Management: vehicle repairs management (RO), Purchasing and Inventory Management, Cost Tracking

Gescar Online: mobile solution that includes customer requests, driver portal (access for one driver) and schedule portal (access to the schedule of all drivers)

Opticar: Regular workings optimization module: automatic creation of vehicle workings with multiple constraints, based on intelligent metaheuristic algorithms