Operations Management

All the regular activity is centralized in this module and its core component is the schedule, which also includes occasional transport. This gives you a global view for improved resources allocation.
Upstream, the application uses your data organized into segments, workings and rosters.
Its features include: The use of mapping (automatic calculation of non-revenue kilometres) and scenario (automatic valuation of non-revenue kilometres and breaks) will generate your schedule quickly and efficiently.

The scenario adapts the deadhead times of a driver who is either leaving his home or the depot and automatically corrects split shifts for drivers.

The visual schedule features several indicators alerting you of any scheduling problems for drivers (amplitude, time off, overtime, split shifts) and vehicles (maintenance downtime, pax capacity).



• Filters by colours, sites, etc.
• On-duty and off-duty time tracking on schedule
• Pre-payroll interface
• E-mail + SMS sent to customer and driver
• Invoicing linked to real time schedule

Planning conducteur