Public Authorities

The Gescar CMMS application, which is widely used in public authorities, including half of the French Departmental Councils, has many functionalities related to maintenance management and monitoring.


The corresponding modules and products are:

Fleet Management: employee and vehicle tracking, incident and alert management, fuel consumption management, accident follow-up, vehicle pools and rentals management, statistics and cross-analyses.

Repairs Management: repair orders follow-up, work scheduling, work invoicing, graphical presentation, statistics and cross-analyses.

Purchasing Management: chain (order, delivery slip, supplier invoice verification), parts management and goods movements monitoring, management of stock and inventory, trading activity management (customer invoicing), activity steering indicators and statistics and cross-analyses, public accounting interface (commitments, liquidations, revenues).

Operations Management: roads and tanks management, quote follow-up and worksite invoicing, works scheduling, worksite monitoring (employee work units, machines, materials, etc.), employee hours management and pre-payroll calculation, statistics and cross-analyses.

Cost Accounting: spans all sector tools and provides direct costs and full costing management. Segmentation into main and auxiliary sections, cost calculation of sections/maintenance/labour/machines and categories of machines/worksites/ROs, calculation of the production in standard costs and closeness to actual costs, determining differences, economic results of activities.