Our 35-year expertise in regional transport has led us to develop our solutions in the small and medium urban networks sector.

We have used this experience to add Urban-specific modules (Vehicle and Driver Scheduling, etc.) to the already existing components, thereby offering a complete, cost-effective and coherent software chain based on a proven technical environment.

Our optimization team has applied know-how acquired over 10 years, together with a university research laboratory, to bring Productivity and Operational Intelligence to Perinfo’s Gescar Urban software.


From preparing timetable sheets to driver and vehicle scheduling, managing an Urban network becomes much simpler.


The corresponding modules and products are:

Vehicle Scheduling: to generate route timetables and stop timetables (route-time diagram, mapping, reducing travel times, management of connections and intermodal transit, etc.)

Driver Scheduling: To assign driver duties using the vehicle workings generated by Vehicle Scheduling, while taking labour constraints into consideration

Operations Management: core of the planning system: segments, driver duties, driver rosters, real time operations schedule, worksheet

Labour Management: schedule integration, pre-payroll calculation, driver statements, interface with other payroll software on the market