TOD / Limousines

The fruit of a partnership with a major player in French Transport, Gescar Limousines is a product designed specifically for limousine companies to manage missions, from booking to dispatch.

We began distributing Gescar TOD after having been approached by many Transport on Demand companies. We used our know-how in the field of fleet management and planning to design this software product which is powerful both in terms of its technology and functional coverage.

It is a modular package, allowing you to acquire all or part of the functionalities according to your needs.


Our vocation: to help you meet new customer demands without compromising on management and rigour.


The corresponding modules and products are:

Sales Management: to manage sales: price quotations, occasional and repeat missions, passengers, mission orders, missions schedule, mapping

Operations Management: core of the planning system: segments, vehicle workings, driver rosters, operations schedule, worksheet, times and deadhead calculation scenarios using mapping

Financial Management: invoicing, regular contract invoicing, interface with other accounting software on the market

Labour Management: schedule integration, pre-payroll calculation, driver statements, interface with other payroll software on the market

Fleet Management: vehicle maintenance forecasting, incidents and accidents, fuel consumption integration

Repairs Management: vehicle repairs management (RO), Purchasing and Inventory Management, Cost Tracking

Gescar Online: Mobile solution that includes customer requests, driver portal (access for one driver) and schedule portal (access to the schedule of all drivers)

Opticar: Regular workings optimization module: automatic creation of vehicle workings with multiple constraints, based on powerful metaheuristic algorithms